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Deanna DeRusso MD

Full Internal Medicine
Full Dermatological Care
Primary Care for the Family
Vanderbilt and Georgetown Alumna

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Specialized training in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of simple and complex diseases and conditions (i.e. Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Asthma, etc).

Solves and effectively treats difficult or unclear diagnostic problems.

Provides extensive and comprehensive physical examinations and pre-operative examinations and testing.

Full Dermatological Care to include skin cancer screening, biopsy, removal and treatment of benign, pre-cancerous, and cancerous skin lesions.

Experienced in diagnosis and management of multiple medical illnesses to Include: Lyme’s Disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, fatigue disorders, hypothyroidism, weight management issues, men’s health and wellness issues, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety, joint and muscle disorders, rashes and unusual freckles/skin lesions.

Wound care management. Diagnosis and treatment of skin infections. Suturing and repair of open wounds.

Diagnosis and management of infections.

Women’s health and wellness issues to include Full GYN examinations.

Call (703) 771-7377 for an Appointment.

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Our Loyalties are to the Patient…

Not an Insurance Company.



Heritage Internal Medicine – Deanna DeRusso M.D.
116-A Edwards Ferry Rd Leesburg, Va 20176
(703) 771-7377

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