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Deanna DeRusso MD

Full Internal Medicine
Full Dermatological Care
Primary Care for the Family
Vanderbilt and Georgetown Alumna

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Open 8am (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Available for appointments through 5pm.

Speak directly to our friendly and caring staff to assist you in making an appointment or answer your questions.

No impersonal, unaccountable voice mail or teleprompts.

We speak directly with our patients. We handle and assist all problems that day, and we offer immediate appointments on the same day for any of our patients needing immediate attention during office hours.

We are also open during the lunch hour to meet your needs.

Call (703) 771 – 7377 for an appointment.

Comments? Feedback?

We very much appreciate your input as to how we can better serve you!

To leave feedback or provide comments, please fill out our form:

Please Note – Important – for appointments, rescheduling, or immediate concerns, please call us. We do read your comments below as time allows. Please note that we do not read contact form comments daily, but we will eventually and do appreciate your comments.



Call (703) 771-7377 for an Appointment.

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Our Loyalties are to the Patient…

Not an Insurance Company.




Heritage Internal Medicine – Deanna DeRusso M.D.
116-A Edwards Ferry Rd Leesburg, Va 20176
(703) 771-7377

Fax (703) 771 – 8288

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