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Insurance Philosophy

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Deanna DeRusso MD

Full Internal Medicine
Full Dermatological Care
Primary Care for the Family
Vanderbilt and Georgetown Alumna

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Our Practice Philosophy:

My endeavor to remain faithful to my original vision of a doctor-patient relationship in a small community practice has inspired me since 2000 to have to distance my practice from most insurance companies. Although it is not an easy matter to break from common practice, I feel the hardships are minor when compared to a doctor’s freedom to deliver high-quality medical care to the patient.

The mandates and guidelines enforced by many health insurance companies and Medicare restrict the quality of care a physician is able to give as they require time-consuming administrative paperwork and tasks. Providers must plead or argue with impersonal and unengaged para-medical insurance personnel to gain approval for very necessary testing and procedures. It is becoming more and more difficult to practice conscientious medicine under such conditions. The time and quality of care I prefer to devote to my patients was sacrificed.

Very often, necessary testing is discouraged or disallowed by many insurance companies that audit their In-Network Providers, penalizing them based on the number of tests they order rather than acknowledging the necessity and effectiveness of such testing in successful diagnosis and management of patient illness. Due to the pressures and fears of such audits, which many In-Network Providers must face, we are seeing many more new patients with late stage disease who were told by In-Network insurance directed providers “let’s keep an eye on it” rather than actively addressing the symptoms by utilizing testing or procedures for timely diagnoses.

As an Out-of-Network Provider we are not bound by a legal contract with an insurance company or Medicare; therefore, we are not controlled by statistics-based decisions. We are able to order the appropriate testing and treatment without delays that will benefit the patient.

Should you choose to come here, we would be honored to have you as a patient in our medical practice. We are an Out-of-Network/Non-Participating practice with most health insurance plans. Most insurance plans do include benefits which allow the patient to go to any physician they choose, including an Out-of-Network/Non-Participating doctor. Over 95% of our patients come to our practice “Out-of-Network”.

Very simply, when you come to our office for a visit, you pay at the time of the visit. We give you the necessary and already fully coded and completed form to mail to your health insurance company. You, then, will be directly reimbursed by the insurance company (which usually reimburses the patient 80 to 90% of the cost of the medical visit) or it will be applied to a deductible, should you have a deductible.

Any bloodwork/laboratory or necessary radiology tests (X-rays, CT Scans, etc), referrals to other medical specialists, or other medical referrals which we may recommend will be covered In-Network by your insurance company. The laboratory, radiology facility, or any other medical providers that we may recommend will directly bill your insurance company and will be directly reimbursed by your insurer.

Should you require urgent or emergency room attention or hospitalization you will be attended to by In-Network/Participating physician colleagues with whom I work closely in providing around-the-clock care to my patients in-hospital.

We sincerely hope to have you as a patient in our medical practice. We feel that we are able to more effectively deliver conscientious, patient-focused medical attention to you because our loyalties are to you, our patient, and not an insurance company.

Call (703) 771-7377 for an Appointment.

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Our Loyalties are to the Patient…

Not an Insurance Company.


Heritage Internal Medicine – Deanna DeRusso M.D.
116-A Edwards Ferry Rd Leesburg, Va 20176
(703) 771-7377

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